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No matter how sound a loved one’s estate plan might be, disgruntled family members, creditors or other third parties may try to bring claims against it.  Worse, when there is no estate plan or a loved one has failed to update their plan after a major life event, such as a divorce, contests and disputes are more likely than not to occur.  Disagreements can arise as to a person’s intent or mental capacity, or even as to whether a beneficiary unduly influenced the testator in drafting and signing the documents.

At HBAA, we provide legal counsel to beneficiaries and persons charged with administering the estates of loved ones when claims or challenges are leveled against the estate.  We are prepared to litigate issues pertaining to a testator’s capacity and intent at the time of signing their will or trust and other issues if necessary.  Sometimes the only option is to resolve disputes in court.


As in the case of estate planning, you may have what you consider the most “bulletproof” asset-protection strategy imaginable, yet a creditor is still threatening to take your assets.  Let our experts in business structuring and asset protection fight to keep what you have worked so hard to create from vexatious and predatory lawsuits.

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