Have you designed your estate plan, complete with testamentary trusts for the benefit of children and grandchildren, but you’re not sure who the right person is to administer these trusts?  Have you been named as trustee of such a trust, but you want guidance on how to proceed with your duties.

At HBAA, we provide ongoing trust administration services.  We serve as legal counsel to individually named trustees.  We are also available to be named as an independent professional trustee, with the power to directly administer your trust if that is your desire.  Having an impartial, objective fiduciary or advisor can be of immense value.  We can say “no” to a beneficiary likely to use money on self-destructive habits, and “yes” to a beneficiary with a legitimate need.

A trusteeship is not a popularity contest.  You want a trustee able to carry out your wishes in a way that promotes responsibility and builds a strong work ethic in succeeding generations.  You also want a trustee with the savvy to recognize creditor threats and other potential problems before distributing funds to beneficiaries.  We are prepared to deal with these challenges at HBAA.

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